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Correct usage
  • Correct usage
Security seals need to be used in a well-managed sealing system. This includes not only using the correct seal, but also using each seal in the correct manner.

The 10 points below will help to use your security seals more effectively.
Use the most appropriate seal for the specific application, not just any seal.
Seals should only be ordered through official channels and by authorised staff.
Seals must be stored in a safe area with all receipts and issues documented and checked.
Seals should only be applied by authorised, trained staff with all details recorded.
Applied seals should be physically checked by an independent security officer.
Before removal, seals should be checked for tampering and all seal details agreed.
Used seals should be kept in a safe area until they have been signed off.
Any irregularities must immediately be reported and investigated, with the original seal kept as evidence.
Only authorised staff should have removal equipment for high security seals.
The seal control system should be communicated, and then audited for proper compliance.